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About Us

Hello and Welcome!


We are Cassie and Tiana. After working closely together for many years in NYC as teachers, we’re so happy to be back here in Orange County, New York. 


As teachers we are passionate about our roles in educating and caring for our students. 


And we have the same passion, determination and care for what we do as Real Estate Investors. 


Our Why…


For many years we have worked together as partners in our teaching careers. We knew early on that we made a strong team, empowering and inspiring each other. Wanting to continue our role as educators, but also desiring financial freedom, we started our real estate company together.  


As teachers by day and real estate investors by night, we work hard as we pave our path to personal independence. 


By starting Independent Home Buyers we work hard to help you get the most value for your home.


And we want to help you towards your own goals of independence and home ownership. 


Our years of experience as teachers have allowed us to develop the many soft skills necessary to be successful in real estate investing. We would love to discuss with you how we can help you to buy and sell your home in Orange County, NY. 


By starting Independent Home Buyers we applied our teaching philosophy to help Orange County homeowners get the most value for their homes with terms that work for them. 


Together with a motivated team of women who love serving the people of our area we can help you reach your real estate goals.


We’re ready when you are.