How the Pandemic was a Game Changer for Starting our Business

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we’re far more flexible than we first thought.

Even before the pandemic, we were used to being flexible in our role as teachers. There’s a lot of planning and preparation that goes into every lesson we teach. And yet, at a moment’s notice things can change swiftly in schools.

As educators, we have learned how to constantly adapt to a changing environment. Working in real estate is similar. The market is forever changing and evolving. The advice we would give to a family buying their first home today may be different to the advice we give them tomorrow.

Anticipating change is important when working in real estate.

With the first round of lockdowns, came a sense of nervous unease. In schools our turn around time from teaching face-to-face to online learning was non-existent. There were new skills we had to learn in an instant. All while maintaining a sense of calm and normalcy for our students.

Covid put all our lives on pause. But it wasn’t all bad.

After the initial shock of the global shutdown set in, we adjusted quickly to our new normal.

We had begun our work selling real estate before the pandemic began. But we had barely scratched the surface.

Yet, there’s something amazing that happens when you hit Pause. Suddenly, you have time to think and time to gather your thoughts. You have time to plan and to work out what your next move should be.

The real game changer for us was that online learning meant a shift to working from home. We suddenly had more time at our computers with zero commute.

We were passionate about our teaching jobs and our students. And we were impressed by their ability to adapt to the change. Online teaching became our daily routine.

Teaching should be engaging and dynamic. And that’s exactly what working in real estate is like. To buy and sell homes effectively in any market, we need to be able to see what needs to be done and execute our vision.

We’ve always had a strong work ethic. We pride ourselves on that. But working from home allowed us to pivot in a way that we didn’t see coming.

Like many, we found we had more time on our hands. The hours we used to spend commuting to and from work became free time. Before and after school hours we were able to work on building our business. As real estate investors in Orange County, NY we were able to be two things at once. Teachers by day and investors by night. We had ample time to respond to clients and research the market.

The pandemic, although jarring at first, allowed us to find our feet.

Hitting Pause can have that effect.

We are so grateful for our jobs as teachers. And at the same time we are so happy to feel grounded in Orange County, NY. We love getting to know our community and helping others find their home where we’ve found ours.