The Advantages of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and How We Can Help

So, you’ve begun to research your options as a seller.

And you’ve come across FSBO a few times. Perhaps you’re wondering whether “For Sale By Owner” might work for you. Here are some of the benefits of selling your home FSBO.

Avoid paying a commission fee

One of the major advantages of selling this way is that you get to save some money. One of the biggies is the realtor’s commission fee. The amount real estate agents charge for their commission fee can vary. It will be a percentage of the final selling price of the property. If you choose to sell FSBO that’s money you could be pocketing instead.

Trusting your own authority

When it comes to buying and selling property local knowledge is gold. If you’ve living in the property then you’re the best person to tell others about the house and the surrounding area. Because you have the lived history of being the owner of the home, you’ll be the best person to answer the questions of the prospective buyer.

Gives you freedom

By selling FSBO you’re putting yourself in the driver’s seat. All decision making can be made by you, in your own timeframe. If you need to adjust the price, you can do it straight away without consulting with an agent. From the staging and presentation of your home through to conducting showings for potential buyers, you’ll be in control of it all.

Marketing and Advertising

By taking control of the whole process, you’ll also be able to make all decisions around how you will market and advertise your property. You’ll be in charge of all aspects including photography of the property and when and where to advertise.

Your time and energy

Selling a house can take considerable time and energy. From the staging before tours to the paperwork, there are a number of tasks to get done. If you decide to sell your house For Sale By Owner, you’ll be able to dedicate your own time and energy into the project. You’ll be able to respond to potential buyers on your own schedule.

Is it right for you?

It depends on your own specific needs and situation. You’re going to want to fully understand the role that a realtor would play in selling your home. For some people, they may want to be guided through the process step by step. They might be happy to pay someone else to do everything along the way. But if you’re looking for more autonomy when selling your property and you’re ready for the challenge, FSBO might be right for you.

How we can help you with FSBO in Orange County, NY

When selling to an investor, we pay all the closing costs and don’t charge commission. And, we usually grant your asking price. We generally close within 30 days and provide a hassle free experience. Things can be uncertain with a real estate agent but with us you will know upfront what you’re getting.

If you’re ready to save up to 10% on real estate agent’s fees and closing costs, then ask us how we can help. With a real estate agent, there’s no guarantee of the profit you will walk away with. The market is hot to sell, so what’s your next move? We can help you get the price you want. We’re ready when you are.