The Tale of Two Teachers and A Real Estate Venture

As teachers, we love getting to know our students and helping them in any way they need.

When we were living and working in New York City, we spent long days commuting to our jobs day after day. We have loved the precious time spent working with the kids in our care and getting to know the communities in which we work.

But there comes a tipping point at which it all can become too much.

The busy city life has its perks. It can be fun and exciting. Somehow the buzz of the city spurs you on; it propels you forward with its own energy.

But that energy can only last so long. For us, exhaustion started to creep in and we felt that we were ready for a change.

The Realization

Looking at our cost of living compared to the amount we made as teachers, we knew there was something more for us. We loved our jobs and perhaps we didn’t need to abandon them.

Enter stage right, our real estate venture.

We knew that in teaching we had developed many transferable soft skills. We were organized and we knew how to successfully juggle many tasks at once. Working with people has always been our passion. So we started our business.

Our Why

We felt ambitious for a change that would improve our lives. We wanted to be the best we can be for those around us. And for us that meant stepping outside our comfort zone and saying yes to the opportunity to build a home in Orange County, NY.

Our Next Move

Moving back to Orange County, NY made sense. We have roots here and the lifestyle is amazing. With New York City still in reach, we knew that we would feel at home here and be able to serve the community well.